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The nearest beach which is 3 km away is the famous beautiful crystal clear turquoise waters of OLUDENIZ BEACH Fethiye, a Lycian town of mystery, history and beauty and means the land of lights, is 10 km away. Both of the above can be reached by local transport Transfer time from Dalaman airport (60 km) is approximately one hour…

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Situated on the slopes of Mendos Mountain, Fethiye was established on the top of ancient Telmessos on the shore of Fethiye gulf. For this reason, the majority of the ruins have remained under this quaint district. Because of the abundance of acoomodation facilities, captivatingly beautiful coves and significant development in yacht tourism in recent years, Fethiye represents the center of excursion in the Western Lycian region. Fethiye,which is located 50 kilometers from Dalaman airport, can be reached by highway from Muğla, Denizli and Antalya and can also be reached by sea. Those staying in Fethiye, which chock full of history, nature and sea, can easily wander out to the ancient cities in the vicinity, such as Cadianda, Pınara, Tlos, Sidyma, Xanthos, Letoon and Patara. Here, the temperature does not go below 16 C, and one can frolic in the surf for up to nine months a year


Oludeniz is situated 17 kilometers from Fethiye and is famous for its splendid coves as well as its history. One you come from Fethiye and pass through hisarönü, which has become an entertainment and shopping center in recent years, you will encounter Ölü Deniz’ myriad of blue hues with all the beauty of the splendid hotels nestled amongst the lush greeny. Ölüdeniz , which reminds one of paradise with its motionless sea surrounded by evergreen pines, is a tourism center known throughout the world. Next to Ölü Deniz is the wide sandy beach of Belceğiz. There are lots of bars and restaurants near the Belceğiz beach waiting for the people for the night entertainment.

Kaya Village: Kaya Village rugs have been made for centuries with specific designs and colours and specially used technique for the dyes.
Dastar: Dastar is hand-craft more specifically seen in Üzümlü Village. Cotton is used for these scarves and they are hand made either in plain weaving or with designs in white-on-white.
Kilim: Flat woven carpets as well as saddle bags are hand made at Seydiler, Atlidere, Karaçulha and Eldirek Villages with specific designs.
Kolan: These are thin, long belts woven from wool dyed in various colours. .
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Mosaic of cultures Beyond the Fethiye fortress going south, if you follow the road climbing up to the slope some 7 km. you can come to a magnificent lowland where Anatolian Greeks had lived until 1922. Greeks called the town Levissi in the past. Kaya Köyü in the year 1922 during the exchange of Turks in Thrace with Anatolian Greeks was evacuated and the new residents did not take up the existing houses. Kaya become a “Ghost Town” as an abandoned town after 1923.
2 churches, chapels, numerous houses, schools, library, hospital, work—shops and the other structures will be renovated soon according to a project which is made by The Association of Turkish Travel Agencies and The Chamber Of Turkish Architects. After the renovation, Kaya Köyü will serve as the place of “ Piece & Friendship Village” and be protected forever.
Fethiye’s magnificent mountains and forests are mostly undeveloped, existing as wonderful natural preserves for an extraordinary variety of life a culture, flora and fauna.
For centuries nomads and semi—nomadic people have migrated annually to the fresh pastures of the higher elevations in summer.
Seki and Girdev Pastures are two of magnificent picturesque areas on Taurus (Toros) Mountains about 80 km. to Fethiye Town centre and famed for their horses and Juniper trees. At Boğalar Village, there is a nomad museum worth seeing, immortalising the traces of culture at pastures.

Uzumlu: Uzumlu village is 18 kilometres away from Fethiye where the best types of grapes are still grown, as the name of village suggests. On the looms a local pure cotton material is wowen by ladies which is known by the name of ” Dastar” throughout the country.

Xanthos:  Political capital of Lycian Federation, Xanthos is known as the place of people who committed suicide all together for peace and freedom when Persians invaded town in 546 BC. Sir Charles Fellows first discovered Xanthos in 1838 and all relieves and unlikely beautiful Nereid’s Monuments were carried to London—British Museum. The ruins still standing in the city, which is at present location of Kınık Village on the road from Fethiye to Kaş Town, are splendid samples of the Lycian Civilisation.

Cadianda : The ancient city of Cadianda is located at Üzümlü Village, about 20 Km. from Fethiye. Best samples of Cyclops Walls of the ancient ages, a sport complex, theatre and Heroon like temple type tombs are all worth to see.
Tlos: Located at 28 km. from Fethiye, Tlos is one of the oldest residential areas of Lycia and one of the few cities, which continued its existence up to the 19th Century. Tlos is known as “the sport centre” of Lycian Federation and was the home of mythological winged horse Pegasus and his hero Bellorophonte. Acropolis, temple type tomb of Bellorophonte, Stadium—bath complex, and theatre are some of the structures coming from early periods of Tlos.

Pinara:“Beauty Center” of Lycians, Pınara is on the way to Minare Village and can be reached by a short road branching off from the Fethiye—Kaş highway. Numerous Pigeon Holes like simple tombs carved on the slope of the Hill and a hearth planned Aphrodite Temple are probably the most interesting remains of Pınara to see.

Butterfly Valley:
Pieri Rapos, Euglapia Quadripunctia, Danaus Chtsippus and others… Butterfly Valley is placed at the bottom of deep and sharp of a Valley, which is one of the most beautiful bays around Fethiye. Starting springtime for about 9—10 months more than 40 kinds of butterflies can be watched in the valley.

Saklikent Gorge: High in the mountains above Fethiye rushing torrents cut a narrow gorge / canyon through the mountains, creating Saklıkent Gorge. A cool refuge on hot summer days, Saklıkent Gorge is a favourite picnic spot with rustic restaurants serving delectable fresh trout.